Our membership is statewide!

The goal of MCCFMA is to gather city and county facility managers across the state of Minnesota to engage in professional development opportunities. Some of the main benefits are networking, professional development and recognition of our members. We want to develop and maintain high standards in care, operation, development and promotion of excellence in city & county facilities. MCCFMA also seeks to aid and cooperate with federal, state, and local agencies in promoting professional ideals and standards that promote the objectives of the association. At association meetings, facility managers from cities and counties across the state of Minnesota discuss best practices in the industry. The meetings also include expert guest speaker presentations, networking, collaborative workshops, and more.

We are a dues-paying membership association. Dues payments go directly to the expenses required to schedule and plan meetings, book meeting space and speakers, maintain our website, and more. We depend on our members to help us provide valuable educational experiences and networking opportunities.

Our membership includes about 65 facility management leaders and professionals from cities and counties across Minnesota. The opportunity to draw on a network of peers is invaluable as a professional resource.

Further details about the associations’ policies, procedures, and management can be found below.

Bylaws (effective November 19, 2020; revised November 18, 2021; revised November 3, 2022)

Respectful Workplace Policy (effective November 19, 2020)

Sexual Harassment Policy (effective November 19, 2020)